Apr 30, 2008

Game Over - L'isola del Tonal

25 April 2008. 120000 people was in Turin to see Beppe Grillo. 1500000 signature collected in 400 town in Italy. And, is like this manifestation never existed. I wasn't there, and I hardly believe that existed. Why? because there were no sign on the media, no newspaper, no television reported the event in Italy. Only on internet, you can find photo and video about it. The Fourth Power just canceled it, and now we hardly believe that 2000000 people participate at the event. And this make me think. How free we are? in base of what we think that one event is important? and, how they can cancel one event so big? yes, the event was against the Fourth Power, was against them. But who can think they are so coordinated, how they can act in the same way? That's because they represent "la casta" the Elite, the Mafia, the group of people that control the nation for keep their privilege. It's this a free country?
One of my friend is worried because for the first time there is no left party in the Italian government. For me, they deserved it; next time they're better follow what the Italians want, they represent the Italians, not "La Casta". "La Casta" is already fully represented in the Parliament (90~95%)

Let's go to Malta

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