Apr 2, 2008

Baile Átha Cliath

Walking Town

You can see this kind of "art exhibition" all around the centre. It's for incentive people not to use the car. It's for incentive people to walk. It's for incentive people go shopping, I'll say. It's an attempt to convert this drinking town in a town for shopping, as remunerative as alcohol, but without it’s negative effect. But It’s not really nice go around with this whether. Yes, the chemtrail effect is useful for mitigate (or accelerate) global warming, but can’t cancel the wind! And even if this is a fabulous example of modern art, it’s not going to change the life. And this still will be an alcoholic town that became a fight club in the late night. Here another idea: instead of fight club do a fuck club, convert this “art” stylized figure of walking people in a “art” stylized figure of erotic kamasutra movements, and instead of selling alcohol in the pub sell aphrodisiac cocktails, and at the end, one fuck club is not going to hurt anyone. Because is this what the young generation here are looking for: there is no culture here, nothing is left from the past, just bad alcohol in places with bad music.
then here:
Fucking Town

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