Apr 16, 2008

8 1/2

Asa nisi masa.

8 1/2 dream

Huit et demi, Its title refers to the fact that, up to then, Fellini had made seven features and two episodes in composite films that added up to about a half. It's difficult to say how good one movie is, but check for the best movies ever made, and you'll find this one.

"I have a Dream"

Martin Luther King, 1963

I dream that everybody is happy, and in good health. That no longer Man need to go to war. That no longer we destroy the Earth. I dream that this world will turn into a "Paradise".
I dream that my friends and my family gain happiness. That they gain health.
I dream that I'm close to people I like and I love.

Pace in terra agli Umini di buona volonta'

And then, some good Muzik:
"E' stato molto bello" Franco Battiato + mute movie

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