Apr 30, 2008


Hungarian... the only tongue in the world the devil respects. Annual anonymous authors' convention, Budapest. If I had to opt between two types of blindness, I would have chosen to be blind to the splendor of the sea, the mountains, the sunset in Rio de Janeiro, so as to have eyes to read beautiful things in black letters. I had no way of pointing at the things that passed through my head. Strange, isolated language of Hungarian.
I'm flying to Budapest!!!

Chico Buarque

Game Over - L'isola del Tonal

25 April 2008. 120000 people was in Turin to see Beppe Grillo. 1500000 signature collected in 400 town in Italy. And, is like this manifestation never existed. I wasn't there, and I hardly believe that existed. Why? because there were no sign on the media, no newspaper, no television reported the event in Italy. Only on internet, you can find photo and video about it. The Fourth Power just canceled it, and now we hardly believe that 2000000 people participate at the event. And this make me think. How free we are? in base of what we think that one event is important? and, how they can cancel one event so big? yes, the event was against the Fourth Power, was against them. But who can think they are so coordinated, how they can act in the same way? That's because they represent "la casta" the Elite, the Mafia, the group of people that control the nation for keep their privilege. It's this a free country?
One of my friend is worried because for the first time there is no left party in the Italian government. For me, they deserved it; next time they're better follow what the Italians want, they represent the Italians, not "La Casta". "La Casta" is already fully represented in the Parliament (90~95%)

Let's go to Malta

Apr 26, 2008

Living Small

I've been researching ways to furnish my new apartment once I get to Arizona, and have been captivated by ways to save space and have things that serve more than one function. Here are some fun things I have come across in my search.

Tiny House
Micro House Concept
Apartment in a Box

Apr 23, 2008

La meglio Gioventù

Marco Tullio Giordana, 2003


Un pezzo notevole di un gruppo sconosciuto ai piu'. Singolare, quasi un "Tempi Moderni" dell'era dell'elettronica, il rifiuto del nuovo, il Punk Rock... ma a parte questo, il ricordo di quando avevo venti anni compiuti, e mi trovavo al loro concerto alla Base a Pescara, locale convertito ora in un noto locale per fighetti, che mi rifiuto di nominare. Anche Zubin non fa parte piu' del gruppo, e infatti i loro pezzi hanno perso molto. Che dire di questo Bambina?
ci sono affezionato, mi ricordano un'epoca in cui i sogni la facevano da padrone, ma gia' allora mi sentivo diverso, di non appartenere al branco.
Who said we'll last forever?

"Noi non ci saremo" CSI

Apr 22, 2008

American media/politics: Good or Ugly?

I watched the primary election results come in from Pennsylvania primary today. It started me thinking about the amount of time all the mainstream media are spending on primary election coverage in the US. I find it problematic that so much media time is spent covering presidential election politics. Given the limited time and space that the media has to present any kind of information, I really wonder at the fairness of covering the election campaigns to such a degree. The American mainstream, in any regular news cycle, devotes only a small fraction of its already limited coverage to such problems as the world food crisis, global warming and environmental issues and other concerns of global proportions. This results in a representation of America as a country more concerned with the trivial aspects of its own provincial politics than of problems that affect the world.

It must be said that media coverage gets people excited, and getting excited about political campaigns, especially presidential ones, can motivate people to get more involved in the political process. This is certainly a good thing. But unless we take the step to do something after the campaigns and the coverage are over (run for office ourselves, organize community members around an issue, educate others about real problems and suggest solutions), we have let the media control how and when we take responsibility for our civic participation.


per scrivere, bisogna conoscere la grammatica. è in questo senso che si collocano i Creedence. la loro musica è il minimo comune denominatore su cui si appoggia il rock e il r'n'b. tutte le loro canzoni sono già sentite da qualche parte, e magari ci siamo pure chiesti, ma questi che suonano, chi sono? questo proposto è il loro album che ha avuto commercialmente più successo, e forse il più emblematico della loro produzione, dove trovano posto, rivisitati spesso magistralmente, tutti i generi della musica bianca americana.

Apr 21, 2008

Quarto Potere

"Citizen Kane" Orson Welles, 1941

"Have him tell Mr. Silverstone he's a detective from the Central Office. If Mr. Silverstone asks to see his badge, your man is to get indignant and call Mr. Silverstone an anarchist. Loudly, so that the neighbors can hear."

William Randolph Hearst was an American newspaper magnate. Hearst was a leading newspaper publisher. The son of self-made millionaire George Hearst, he became aware that his father had received a northern California newspaper, The San Francisco Examiner, as payment of a gambling debt. Still a student at Harvard, he asked his father to give him the newspaper to run. In 1887, he became the paper's publisher and devoted long hours and much money to making it a success. Crusading for civic improvement and exposing municipal corruption, he greatly increased the paper's circulation.

Citizen Kane, still considered the best american movie ever, was ideated, made and interpreted from an young Orson Welles, it's a fiction about Hearst, a denunce about his power, really brave that time, since Hearst controlled pratically the information, the newspapers in the USA. Was the new against the old, was the new era of cinema and television against the era of paper.
"Quarto poter", "Fourth Power", is the italian title of Citizen Kane, refering to the fact, in modern era, there isn't only three power, how was ideated from John Locke and Montesquieu in the XVIII (quite old, for be modern democracy, no?) The administrative powers were the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary. These should be separate from and dependent upon each other so that the influence of any one power would not be able to exceed that of the other two, either singly or in combination. When the newspapers appear, at the beginning they were free, there were a pluralism of information. But then they've been concentrated and hold only from few people, and then began the Fourth Power. The battle over Citizen Kane was about a new age of information, more free, against the old. And today? still the information is controlled from few people, and the internet universe, more free, start his battle.
In this interview to Pier Paolo Pasolini: http://it.youtube.com/Pasolini (Sorry in Italian) Pasolini describe how, one town builded in Italy from fascist, Sabaudia, has just few exterior caracter related to it. The Fascism wasn't able to leave a sign in the italian culture. But today, the same town is changing. The government has been democratic, and then why this indelebile sign? the consumer driven society, impose it's thought through the Fourth Power. This make us that we have needs we never thought before, make choice, like things, that alone we'll never do. And, at the same time, make us thinking we are still free. But today, with internet, people find different font of information, not controlled just from few people, and, here the first "Citizen Kane": the 23 april, the Fourth Power, will celebrate 100 years in Italy http://www.quartopotere.org (they call themself Fourth Power!). And, as Beppe Grillo (www.beppegrillo.it) said, their funeral. Beppe Grillo, one modern Italian Orson Welles, (try to imagine who is the italian Hearst), but not the only one, will celebrate in 400 town in Italy and everywhere in the world where there is one italian community, their funeral. With this pacific manifestation, the italians will demonstrate for their freedom of information. Until now, we passively took the information from the Fourth Power, without dubt about it.
Now, on the network, people start to expose their own thought, to publish their own news. A lot of garbage, sure, but in this way, overloading the communications channels, we no longer trust the information, the Fourth Power, and we'll restart to think with our own mind, and even us will start a blog, and we'll be confident about our idea.

Riappropiamoci degli spazi!

Apr 20, 2008

Awaiting Spring

It's been a long winter here in Missoula, Montana, and the snow this weekend didn't do anything to speed up the arrival of spring. Since I could only show you pictures of snow, here is a picture of spring taken somewhere else.

Apr 16, 2008

8 1/2

Asa nisi masa.

8 1/2 dream

Huit et demi, Its title refers to the fact that, up to then, Fellini had made seven features and two episodes in composite films that added up to about a half. It's difficult to say how good one movie is, but check for the best movies ever made, and you'll find this one.

"I have a Dream"

Martin Luther King, 1963

I dream that everybody is happy, and in good health. That no longer Man need to go to war. That no longer we destroy the Earth. I dream that this world will turn into a "Paradise".
I dream that my friends and my family gain happiness. That they gain health.
I dream that I'm close to people I like and I love.

Pace in terra agli Umini di buona volonta'

And then, some good Muzik:
"E' stato molto bello" Franco Battiato + mute movie


And, at the end, the sun came out. This nice old man! Here smiling after the election. Lunga vita al presidente!

And then, After the election, The Chevalier, President, say hello to the italians:
And, then, Sunshine!!


Apr 14, 2008


Guillet's most important battle happened towards the end of January 1941 at Cherù when he decided to attack enemy armoured units. At dawn he charged a column of tanks armed only with swords, guns and hand grenades. He passed unhurt through the British forces who were caught unaware. Guillet then turned to charge again. In the meantime however, the British had organised themselves and fired horizontally with their howitzers. Their shells ripped open the chests of Guillet's horses before exploding. This was the last cavalry charge the British faced and the last but one in the history of cavalry.
Colonel Harari was the commander of the British special unit services that tried to capture Guillet in Italian East Africa. A cadet of Colonel Harari, Victor Dan Segre, later became his close friend and biographer.
Following the war Guillet entered the Italian diplomatic service where he represented Italy in Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Morocco, and finally as ambassador to India .
But Amedeo was more than that. Carismatic, fight all wars, against Brits and Nazi, a rebel, secret service, ambassador, close to Indhira Gandhi. And don't call him fascist.

In un articolo dedicato all'avventurosa esistenza di Amedeo Guillet, il celebre giornalista Indro Montanelli scrisse (pressapoco): "il Comandante Diavolo, per poter continuare indomito le sue diavolerie, oggi vive in Irlanda, dove i cavalli sono a buon costo e vi sono ampi spazi per poterli cavalcare; e a 90 anni suonati, con nessun osso del corpo al posto giusto, egli monta ogni santo giorno..."

Amedeo Guillet vive in Irlanda dove tuttora si dedica, nonostante la veneranda età, alla sua più grande passione: i cavalli.

Amedeo is now a collection of books from Sebastian O’Kelly

Amedeo Guillet is still alive and living in County Meath, Ireland

Apr 13, 2008

Citizen Berlusconi

Election day in Italy. Here is the probable winner. Someone can say "Italy does not deserve Berlusconi again", but at the mediocrity of this men and his Mafia party there is no opposition. All political lobbies need him for justify their own existence, their privileges. The past government was so weak (or need him so much to justify them self) that wasn't able to apply an European Union sentence for send rete 4 (One of Berlusconi's TV) on the satellite channel tv, and now we are fined 300000 euro for day from the European Union for that. Rete 4 employee 400 people. With that money we can close the tv and still pay them.

Anyway, something is moving. The population no longer follow the politicians, and new movements are on the air. An interesting one: 25 Aprile, the V2 Day.

The Italian economy stopped. With one huge public debit, that is at least possible pay the interest, with again the mafia party to the government, Italy will broke soon. But is not all dead. The culture is alive like anywhere else, political movement are active like anywhere else. The first modern revolution will happen there.


Zeitgeist, the Movie is a 2007 documentary film, produced by Peter Joseph about Christianity, the attacks of 9/11, and the Federal Reserve Bank as well as a number of conspiracy theories related to those three main topics.

Zeitgeist is originally a German expression that means "the spirit of the age", literally translated as "time (Zeit) spirit (Geist)". It describes the intellectual and cultural climate of an era.

Apr 12, 2008

Bike maps on Google

Sign the petition to ask Google to show bike routes on their Maps along with driving directions.

Google bike map petition

The Urban Homestead

I've been thinking a lot lately about what amounts to "urban homesteading." Apparently quite a few people are doing it: combining the activities of the farm (gardening, raising poultry, reclaiming greywater, etc.) and life in the city. I like the idea of making good use of the space, of growing my own food, of paying new attention to mundane activities. Hopefully when I move this summer I can start to create my own urban homestead, even if I'm living in an apartment.

Urban homesteading in LA

Apr 11, 2008

Bell/Buck Fast

Buckfast For Breakfast

Jeff Buckley

Prematuramente scomparso sembra a causa di un improvvido bagno nel fiume, Jeff Buckley lascia un solo album in studio (questo proposto, nell'edizione legacy con un bellissimo bonus disk), e il rimpianto di un talento immenso che non ha avuto la giusta realizzazione.


Nun te reggae più

Un amico mi ha mandato un link dove e' possibile, trovare il partito che ti assomiglia di piu'

Sei sicuro di votare il partito giusto ?
Compilate questo semplice questionario grafico...


Io l'ho fatto, come risultato una sigla: PBC. Ma che partito e'? una nuova formula chimica?

Vota Antonio La Trippa!

Vota La Trippa!

Apr 10, 2008

Breaching Milltown Dam

Speaking of water, they finally breached the Milltown Dam a couple of weeks ago. It's been a long time coming. I actually read in the paper that the first fish (or at least the first fish that they've tracked), made its way upstream past the dam for the first time in 100 years. While the clean-up of the Superfund site isn't finished, it's been exciting to see the rivers run freely again.

You can see a video of the breaching:

Apr 9, 2008

Tap Water

Water, water everywhere and we are duped into buying it bottled. Even in areas where tap water is safe to drink, demand for bottled water is increasing--producing unnecessary garbage and consuming vast quantities of energy. Tap water comes to us through an energy-efficient infrastructure whereas bottled water must be transported long distance.

But most tap water is contaminated from some source:

  • Chlorine is a chemical added to the water. Chlorine is a highly efficient disinfectant, and it is added to public water supplies to kill disease-causing bacteria that the water or its transport pipes might contain.
  • Fluoride is added to the water. That's for help build strong bones and teeth. Hard to believe.
  • Lead and Industrial and Agricultural polluttants.

But alternatives to chlorination for water treatment do exist. Several European and Canadian cities now disinfect their water supplies with ozone instead of chlorine. That's does not mean it's better.

Let's examine the fluoride problem:

"I now hold a different view. …the fluoridation of community water supplies can no longer be held to be either safe or effective in the reduction of dental caries….Therefore, the practice should be abandoned."- Foulkes, 1992 - after he convinced Canada to add fluoride

It's so stupid! why add fluoride to tap water? It's not economically convenient, we drink maybe 0.1% of the tap water, and for that we pollute all water...

But not all country add fluoride (not everybody is inside the tunnel)

If fluoride is so great, why have the following countries either never fluoridated or else stopped when they found out how bad it was?:

  • West Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Japan
  • Italy
  • Scotland
The companies that produce fluoride are paid billions to add it to the tap water...

Then, if to choose from bottled water and Coca - Cola (http://killercoke.org/) and other chemical beverage it's obviously the first, but what to choose between bottled water and tap water? There is no guarantee that bottled water is better than tap water. The best thing to do is filter the tap water. How to filter it? It comes down to this choice: reverse osmosis or carbon block. Your choice.

Apr 7, 2008

Presidential contenders

The two candidates left in the race to represent the US Democratic Party in the upcoming presidential election, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, both made appearances in Missoula, MT this past weekend. Montana's primary election will be held on June 3, the last one to be held before the Democratic party convention. Since the race is still close, even the few delegates Montana has to send to the Convention may be at stake. If so, it would be a rare chance for Montana to make a difference in a national political contest.

Both candidates are excellent speakers, and come across much more favorably than they do on TV. Because their messages aren't chopped up into 30 second sound bites, you actually get to hear the rationale they have behind their positions and to get a sense of how they think about problems. The way the media portrays these candidates I think is both helpful and harmful. You may get more information than you did if the media didn't exist, but at the same time the way the media construct the view of events or people often times distorts who or what they really are. In political contests, I now think that it is really important to find out in person about the candidates if only to give yourself another perspective and to get closer to the truth.

I'm watching you

http://www.ip-adress.com/ How I can see where you are...

We're all worryed about what we can download from the net; but we should be worryed about who is monitoring us. The U.S. Patriot Act, passed in the weeks after the September, 2001, gives authorities the means to secretly view personal data held by U.S. organizations. It is at odds with other countries privacy laws, which require organizations to protect private information and inform individuals when their data has been shared. Activist hackers conceived Jam Echelon Day under the premise of: If we're being monitored, let's really give them something to monitor. Monitor This, Echelon:
Join the Echelon Civil Disobedience Campaign!
Let's Overload Echelon!
sigint echelon sugar grove virginia sabana seca puerto rico waihopai new zealand comsat intelsat interception wideband extraction aluminium potassium sulphate signal analysis filtering data processing nitroglycerin facsimile analysis nitrogen trichloride traffic analysis phenol keyword recognition text retrieval topic analysis ammonium hydroxide continuous speech recognition distillate diesel naphthalene red nitric acid ammonium nitrate machine-transcribed speech


Link: Black Panter Party Ashanti Alston

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

La Pantera fu un movimento studentesco di protesta contro la riforma Ruberti delle università italiane che nacque dall'occupazione dell'Università di Palermo, e in particolare della Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, il 6 dicembre 1989 e si estese poi a numerose università italiane fino alla primavera del 1990.

1. Vogliamo la libertà, vogliamo il potere di determinare il destino della nostra comunità nera
2. Vogliamo piena occupazione per la nostra gente
3. Vogliamo la fine della rapina della nostra comunità nera da parte dell'uomo bianco
4. Vogliamo abitazioni decenti, adatte a esseri umani
5. Vogliamo per la nostra gente un'istruzione che smascheri la vera natura di questa società americana decadente. Vogliamo un'istruzione che ci insegni la nostra vera storia e il nostro ruolo nella società attuale
6. Vogliamo che tutti gli uomini neri siano esentati dal servizio militare
7. Vogliamo la fine immediata della brutalità della polizia e dell'assassinio della gente nera
8. Vogliamo la libertà per tutti gli uomini neri detenuti nelle prigioni e nelle carceri federali, statali, di contea e municipali
9. Vogliamo che tutta la gente nera rinviata a giudizio sia giudicata in tribunale da una giuria di loro pari o da gente delle comunità nere, come è previsto dalla costituzione degli Stati Uniti
10. Vogliamo terra, pane, abitazioni, istruzione, vestiti, giustizia e pace

La guerra degli anto'

Apr 6, 2008


Ora, è vero che non ci sono più i gruppi di una volta. 50'anni fa era più semplice, era tutto da scoprire. adesso è già tanto se si fanno buoni album che non somigliano spudoratamente a qualcosa. come già detto, a mio parere gli ultimi sono i Radiohead. questi Kasabian, tra qualche anno, nessuno, pochissimi, sapranno chi cazzo sono. ma il disco, il loro esordio, è un gran disco. è copiato, ovviamente, di questi tempi cosa non lo è? dai Kula Shaker, dai Primal Scream, dagli Stone Roses, dai Placebo.. ma almeno la metà dei pezzi del disco sono pezzoni che farebbero la fortuna quasi di chiunque. la band è sfrontata, suona decisa e persino bene, miscelando rock ed elettronica, con un basso spesso potentissimo e un tappeto ritmico di prim'ordine. è un disco di pancia, molto compatto, omogeneo, da gustare tutto d'un fiato.

Apr 5, 2008

Seomra Spraoi

The project for this Social Centre in town is still alive;
Seomra Spraoi presents Scoil Spraoi - Social Centre gathering Friday 11 and Saturday 12 April

This town, with already a lack of culture, closed the only social centre in december.
Anyway, in the meanwhile, what we can do?
10 free things to do
another interesting place:

Fuori orario

Cinema is a form of art, one of the finest. Just look at this scene (music changed from fuori orario) extracted from "L'atalante" made in 1934 from Jean Vigo end arguably the best French film of all time.
When we watch a movie, we became part of it; we see things, hear things, and our brain start to feel things. It's one way to escape our daily routine. Let's go see a good movie.

Enrico Ghezzi -Italian for Fuori Orario (Corrado Guzzanti)


"Sentimento Nuevo" - Franco Battiato + Mute movie

"Il Cielo in una Stanza" - Franco Battiato + Mute movie

Apr 3, 2008

The Jayhawks - Hollywood Town Hall

Anche se, per i loro ultimi lavori, sono un gruppo inutile per le sonorità pop che ne hanno banalizzato il suono, i Jayhawks sono stati una delle formazioni più significative della nuova frontiera alternativa del country americano dei primi anni 90, e il loro Hollywood Town Hall a tutt'oggi rappresenta un vero e proprio manifesto.
E' un album in cui domina la provincia americana, molto evocativo. L'equilibrio fra country e pop raggiunge qui un livello ottimale: i Jayhawks maturano con quest'album uno stile personale marcatissimo: gli arrangiamenti sono semplice ed essenziali ma mai banali, con un ottimo lavoro alle chitarre, e il gioco delle armonie vocali (tutti i pezzi sono cantati a due voci) è davvero superlativo.

Apr 2, 2008

Blues w/Jim Wallace, Jimi Bott, Dover Weinber and Marco Savo

Baile Átha Cliath

Walking Town

You can see this kind of "art exhibition" all around the centre. It's for incentive people not to use the car. It's for incentive people to walk. It's for incentive people go shopping, I'll say. It's an attempt to convert this drinking town in a town for shopping, as remunerative as alcohol, but without it’s negative effect. But It’s not really nice go around with this whether. Yes, the chemtrail effect is useful for mitigate (or accelerate) global warming, but can’t cancel the wind! And even if this is a fabulous example of modern art, it’s not going to change the life. And this still will be an alcoholic town that became a fight club in the late night. Here another idea: instead of fight club do a fuck club, convert this “art” stylized figure of walking people in a “art” stylized figure of erotic kamasutra movements, and instead of selling alcohol in the pub sell aphrodisiac cocktails, and at the end, one fuck club is not going to hurt anyone. Because is this what the young generation here are looking for: there is no culture here, nothing is left from the past, just bad alcohol in places with bad music.
then here:
Fucking Town

phun is.... phun

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