Apr 13, 2008

Citizen Berlusconi

Election day in Italy. Here is the probable winner. Someone can say "Italy does not deserve Berlusconi again", but at the mediocrity of this men and his Mafia party there is no opposition. All political lobbies need him for justify their own existence, their privileges. The past government was so weak (or need him so much to justify them self) that wasn't able to apply an European Union sentence for send rete 4 (One of Berlusconi's TV) on the satellite channel tv, and now we are fined 300000 euro for day from the European Union for that. Rete 4 employee 400 people. With that money we can close the tv and still pay them.

Anyway, something is moving. The population no longer follow the politicians, and new movements are on the air. An interesting one: 25 Aprile, the V2 Day.

The Italian economy stopped. With one huge public debit, that is at least possible pay the interest, with again the mafia party to the government, Italy will broke soon. But is not all dead. The culture is alive like anywhere else, political movement are active like anywhere else. The first modern revolution will happen there.

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