Sep 12, 2009

Never remember 11th of september 9/11

9/11 is the date when CIA, Kissinger and Nixon had the president of Chile Salvador Allende, socialist, democratically elected, deposed and killed and the dictator Pinochet took power, 30.000 people got killed from the dictatorship regime. Yes, USA it's the land of democracy...

Ken Loach 9/11

electric bike

So, I took the plunge to buy an electric bicycle as a way to save money on parking and to take advantage of the good weather in Tucson. I tried riding a regular bike to work for a while as it is only two miles from my house to work, but there is a slight incline on the way to work and it is just enough to leave me sweaty by the time I reach my office. So, instead of arriving winded and drenched, I gave up on the regular bike and was driving the two miles (a habit of which I am not proud). Anyway, after receiving my Chinese model electric bike bought off of Ebay (cheaper than the others I saw), I tested it out today for the first time. So far so good--but I feel like I am cheating. So much for exercise--the pedal assist function kicks in right away so if feels like I'm coasting downhill even when I'm going up. Fortunately I can turn the lithium-ion battery off if I like and pedal as I would on a regular bike. The battery and extras make the bike a bit heavier, but not so much that I can't pedal around easily on the flat. I can totally see myself using the bike to go greater distances than with a regular bike, and to use the bike to carry things like groceries. Saving money on a reserved parking spot and on gas are also some of the potential perks. Anyway, we'll see how I make use of it....

Electric Bikes--Good for the environment