Apr 14, 2008


Guillet's most important battle happened towards the end of January 1941 at Cherù when he decided to attack enemy armoured units. At dawn he charged a column of tanks armed only with swords, guns and hand grenades. He passed unhurt through the British forces who were caught unaware. Guillet then turned to charge again. In the meantime however, the British had organised themselves and fired horizontally with their howitzers. Their shells ripped open the chests of Guillet's horses before exploding. This was the last cavalry charge the British faced and the last but one in the history of cavalry.
Colonel Harari was the commander of the British special unit services that tried to capture Guillet in Italian East Africa. A cadet of Colonel Harari, Victor Dan Segre, later became his close friend and biographer.
Following the war Guillet entered the Italian diplomatic service where he represented Italy in Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Morocco, and finally as ambassador to India .
But Amedeo was more than that. Carismatic, fight all wars, against Brits and Nazi, a rebel, secret service, ambassador, close to Indhira Gandhi. And don't call him fascist.

In un articolo dedicato all'avventurosa esistenza di Amedeo Guillet, il celebre giornalista Indro Montanelli scrisse (pressapoco): "il Comandante Diavolo, per poter continuare indomito le sue diavolerie, oggi vive in Irlanda, dove i cavalli sono a buon costo e vi sono ampi spazi per poterli cavalcare; e a 90 anni suonati, con nessun osso del corpo al posto giusto, egli monta ogni santo giorno..."

Amedeo Guillet vive in Irlanda dove tuttora si dedica, nonostante la veneranda età, alla sua più grande passione: i cavalli.

Amedeo is now a collection of books from Sebastian O’Kelly

Amedeo Guillet is still alive and living in County Meath, Ireland

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