Jul 24, 2009

Credit Crunch visualized

How the Credit crunch started

Jul 23, 2009

daniel suelo The Man Who Survives Without Money and erin andrews

I'm running out of money. I'm leaving in a foreign country, in Tucson, Arizona, and till now I wasn't able to find any job. I'm not really spending much, but still, you need money for survive. My latest desperate idea is to try to make money with a blog or web site. Not this one, I won't put advertisements here. I don't know until this would work, if people discover how to get rid of advertisements on the web...
How to get rid of advertisement on the web? It's really easy. First install firefox. Then install on firefox the add-ons AD Block Plus and No Script. Check how to do and tutorials on the oracle (google). I'm enjoying very much internet now, I load web pages very fast and my CPU won't be overloaded from stupid ad scripts, where also you add security on your connection.
So, I was thinking to make a website for make money. How? well, making a blog, with a lot of advertisements, that is hit many times for day. How to make it? posting something interesting, that people search a lot on the net. What people search on the net? considering that most people would use google for find something, I can use google trends. So, what's trendy these day? outside the peep video of Erin Andrews, who don't know who she is, a hot trend is Daniel Suelo. This guy, "DANIEL SUELO LIVES IN A CAVE. UNLIKE THE average American he isn't worried about the economic crisis. That's because he figured out that the best way to stay solvent is to never be solvent in the first place. Nine years ago, in the autumn of 2000, Suelo decided to stop using money. He just quit it, like a bad drug habit." (copied from the Huffington post, obviously the Huffington post reports about this hot search trend Guy). So, searching for a way to make money, I fond out someone that doesn't need any. Just to remind you how futile our problems are. And this isn't even a crazy guy. Sure doesn't look well dressed, but he really seem happy of his choice. This is his blog: http://www.zerocurrency.blogspot.com/
I like this guy. Yes, he survive with the help of others, at the end. But is help that others are happy to provide him. And, at this point, if he wants to make money it wouldn't be difficult for him. Maybe one day will translate his blog in a book, and earn money from the copyright? For now, he is enjoy his monetary freedom. I know someone that lived in a cave, but that was an experiment of isolation. Or "The Elfs", a community that live in the wild in Tuscany, Pistoia, Italy (pretty much the same, no money, only goods exchange between them). Daniel you should go there instead! Tuscany is a more trendy place than Ohio...

This is an old anarchist dream, so it's an anarchist news: anarchistnews.org

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Jul 21, 2009

Jul 20, 2009

Generacion B The Future of Food

Yoani Sánchez has a blog, GENERACION Y, the Cuban generation born with a Russian name, Y. But what about this other side? we are the generation B, second class citizens, born with the Bush (jr & sr) and Berlusconi, the mafia man that changed forever italian culture with his junk television and politics, the two Bushes, making war for oil, subsidizing GM agriculture and backing Monsanto and Microsoft.
One recent post she had was about food, how difficolt was to find it. Well I think she should say thanks in primis to the USA, that back only "American friendly" dictatorship. I'm sure the Cuban government would like to have McDonalds and Papa' John Pizza etc. down their roads, but for now Fidel is still the enemy for Americans. What about this other side of the wall? how free we are when we go to food policy? this is a great movie, explain just all the GM world, and how they control farmers life now, and our life tomorrow...
But, I'm still waiting, when they'll do the soy ice cream that tastes like chicken?

Jul 19, 2009

Food, Inc.

Hello, how is your vacation? did you eat your meat? just discovered that outside feed it with GM crops, fill them with antibiotics (not for illness, but for make them grow faster) they still use hormones in the US , while in Europe is still banned US meat. In the meanwhile the swine flu...


So, under the Tucson sun, decided to go to see this movie. Interesting, shocking, the Loft cinema sold out it for three days, sign that the Americans find it a sensible topic. The movie talk about how the food industry is in the hands of few companies, that use unskilled illegal immigrants for keep the costs low, make experiments with cow for find a better way to feed them with crops instead of grass.

Over 60% of GM food is made in the US. Over 70% of US product contain GM. The European Union and the United States have strong disagreements over the EU's regulation of genetically modified food. The US claims these regulations violate free trade agreements, the EU counter-position is that free trade is not truly free without informed consent.
Remember the mad cow? infected animals transmitted the disease... because where given the brain of dead animals for food. This is Matrix. Farmers don't decide anymore how to feed and grow their animals, the corporations do.
What's GM? it's genetically modified food, that it is been untested on humans, that can create food allergy, or other unknown disease. But, worse, introduce the concept of copyright in food: farmers are not allowed to reuse their own crops, or rise the chicks as they want.
Most of the engineered food, made by Monsanto, is for make stronger crops to survive at their pesticides. What about pesticide residues in that food?
Take for example canola oil, considered so good for your health. In reality is an GM food for resist to the pesticides, and is "naturally" engineered from rapeseed in the 1970s. This crop wasn't tested on humans, and need a chemical process otherwise is still toxic for humans. how good can be?

I hope this joke from "The Onion" will became true:

KFC No Longer Permitted To Use Word 'Eat' In Advertisements

Pranzo di Ferragosto

Questo e' uno dei migliori film che ho visto ultimamente. La storia di un ferragosto tra vecchiette abbandonate, con i figli impegnati nel loro ferragosto consumistico, loro lo trascorrono a casa di un emarginato, ma di una infinita sensibilita'.

Pranzo di ferragosto

Jul 17, 2009

Pog mo thoin!

Jul 13, 2009

La Grande Beffa



Ha HA non ci credo... e' un sogno che diventa realta' o la piu' grande beffa del secolo, Stephen Fry FOR PRESIDENT!