Mar 31, 2008

Ari Ari Ari Oh

One German girl asked me if I were from Pakistan, and this is not the first time. I didn't want to hurt her, then I didn't answer. But the truth is that I'm from Ari, and then I'm proud to say I'm pure Arian race. Yes, the same population who invaded India long time ago create this small community. And the Germans? they just copied us!
And I'm proud to say: yi so di Ari e tu a chi si lu fiji?
Some music from our cousin in Bombay: They song Ari Ari Ari Oh!

But we have some cousin even in korea: (In particolari circostanze mi scambiano per cinese)
Here the Song "Ari Ari" from our korean girlfriend Lee Jung Hyun: (It's the preferred song of the nightclub "La Fabbrica di Plastica")

She also came to visit us, but had some problem: "Ma aqua' nin ci sta nisciu'" then we had to carry her to the mall and to the cinema because start to feel claustrophobic and need to stay with a lot of people around.
She also did the song Nuh (Pecche' Nu sem nu) Ba Kkvu (Ma chi vu?) and Dala Dala (no need comments)

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