Jan 24, 2009

1.5 Billion people on the net

Top 15 countries, by Internet population:

  1. China: 179.7 million
  2. United States: 163.3 million
  3. Japan: 60.0 million
  4. Germany: 37.0 million
  5. United Kingdom: 36.7 million
  6. France: 34.0 million
  7. India: 32.1 million
  8. Russia: 29.0 million
  9. Brazil: 27.7 million
  10. South Korea: 27.3 million
  11. Canada: 21.8 million
  12. Italy: 20.8 million
  13. Spain: 17.9 million
  14. Mexico: 12.5 million
  15. Netherlands: 11.8 million
China finally over cross the US, and not only on internet access. Italy? number twelve, with an half of people connected on internet of Great Britain, most of them with slow connection. Canada with an half of Italian population has more people connected on internet than Italy. Even Spain has more internet connection in base of the population. This is an index of how Italy is behind the other developed country, in term of technology.
One of the Obama programs to boost the economy is gave fast internet connection to rural area. It's this because it's necessary a better infrastructure or because the US wants to be the Number One again?
Italy should definitely do it.

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