May 8, 2008

TIME 101 dogs

I was on the airplane when my neighbor turned the TIME 100 edition 2008, and was reading this article: George W. Bush By Silvio Berlusconi. Surprise!What, Berlusconi is able to write an article on one newspaper? Mah probably he paid someone for write the article for him. Anyway, the Time chooses really well the 100 leaders! Berlusconi, today internationally isolated, choose his own model: George Bush, the loser of the American politics, when even the Republican Party take the distance from. He chooses the leader more similar to him, with a little inferiority complex in front of the American superpower. Like Mussolini was looking the Germany of Hitler, with the little difference that they weren't stupid at all, and they were similar because Hitler copied everything from Fascism
(Heil, Hitler - Have Cesare -, Third Reich - Terza Roma); Bush probably don't need to copy Berlusconi electoral advertisement...

Today Bush no longer will win an election, and, how Berlusconi can win again? Check his opponents!

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